I think about sound so you don’t have to

I provide a professional and reliable location sound recording service. I am based in London and Brighton UK. I have my own kit, car and sense of humour. I think about sound while you think about the other aspects of filmmaking. That’s why we can work well together, you’re good at what you do and I’m good at what I do – Location Sound Recording.

Do people ask you ‘can you do the sound as well?’ or ‘we’ve got a zoom, you can use that too right?’ – you and I both know that’s not the best way to get good results, so next time get in touch and I’ll come and take care of sound for you. I’m upbeat and proactive, I don’t over-complicate things I just record the sound and make a good job of it.

For a more refreshing approach to Location Sound Recoding try me and see.

Sound helps you tell your story

Your film needs good sound. If your film is on TV, online or in the Cinema if the sound isn’t up to scratch people just won’t watch it. Let’s face it your most likely making your films for engagement, so don’t just let the runner do the sound, they’ve got enough to do. You wouldn’t ask catering to setup the lights, so get the right people for the right job.

Someone needs to be thinking about the many aspects of location sound that can make the difference between someone watching your content and skipping on to something else. If you want to tell a story and make something special then I can help you capture what you need to do just that. It’s more than just pointing a mic at who’s talking, you need to think about the other sounds that fill the spaces in between, the sound effects and all the unique sounds that can be found on a location. Think of it like sound ‘b-roll’ you need it to make the edit work.

There is a reason the best content moves you and holds your attention, it looks and sounds great and most of all it’s telling a great story. So let me help you tell your story with sound.

The Devil’s in the detail

I hear that sound you don’t hear, I hear the roadworks, I hear people talking, I hear the light buzzing. When I say we need to fix it before we shoot, I am saving you money in post. Fixing this onset can take a few minute but can save your sound editor hours of time by not having to get rid of this noise.

I worked in post sound for years and every single day I was working with bad sound that could have been fixed on set, quickly and cheaply. Instead, I’m fixing it in the studio, when I could be adding sound effects and atmos, all these things that make your film stand out from the rest. So fixing sound on set means the post time is spent making your film better and more engaging, not fixing buzzing, hummm, chatter and roadworks!

For a sound recordist that’s always listening get in touch and book me for your next project.