I think about sound so you don’t have to

I provide a professional and reliable location sound recording service. I am based in London and Brighton UK. I have my own kit, car and sense of humour. I think about sound while you think about the other aspects of filmmaking. That’s why we can work well together, you’re good at what you do and I’m good at what I do – Location Sound Recording.

Do people ask you ‘can you do the sound as well?’ or ‘we’ve got a zoom, that’s ok right?’ – you and I both know it’s not, so next time get in touch and I’ll come and take care of sound for you. I don’t moan all day about how filmmaking used to be better on 35mm, and how we should have booked this weeks ago …… I just record the sound and make a good job of it.

For a more refreshing approach to Location Sound Recoding try me and see.

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